When will the haunted house be open?

Doors open for the first time this Halloween season Friday, October 4th!

The doors will stay open every Friday and Saturday night in October. 7 pm to 11 pm.

With additional dates:

Thursday, October 24th

Thursday, October 31st (HALLOWEEN NIGHT)

Friday, November 1st

Saturday, November 2nd.

Are there any rules?

Why yes there are!

No running, pushing, shoving

No pictures/video

No touching actors or props

4 people max at a time

Children must be accompanied by adult/no holding children during haunt

No food, drink or smoking allowed inside the attraction

Enter at your own risk


If any of these rules are broken you will be ejected from the haunt immediately with NO refund.

What are ticket Prices?

$25.00 for Adults and Children. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

What if it rains?

We will be open rain or shine. There will be NO refunds for rain or inclement weather.

Is there an age limit?

No there is no age limit. However, all children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Is this haunt scary?


You enter at your own risk and there will be no refunds once a ticket is purchased.

How many times can I walk through?

1 Ticket = 1 Walkthrough

If you would like to walk through the haunt an additional time you must purchase an additional ticket.

Will there be any food or beverages?

We do have a lawn area with a concession to enjoy. Hotdogs, Hot Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, other assorted drinks, Candy and other small snacks will be for sale by the North Patchogue Fire Department. The concession is CASH ONLY.

Some nights we will even have chips and queso provided by our partner Moe’s Southwest Grill! These will have a limited availability and will be first come first served.

Please Note: Food and beverages are not allowed inside the haunt and must remain outside. If you bring in any food or beverages the staff holds the right to eject you from the haunt with NO refund.

Can I touch any of actors or props?


We understand accidents do happen, but if we feel that you are purposefully touching ANY of the props or actors we hold the right to eject you from the haunt immediately with NO refund.

Will any of the actors touch me?


Accidents can happen, but none of the actors will purposefully touch you at any time.

Can I take photos or record while inside?


We understand that we all love to take photos and share with our friends but due to safety reason we can not allow any kind of phone, camera, video recorder or flashlights to be used while inside the haunt.

If you would like to take pictures there will be opportunities outside to do so.

If a staff member sees you using your phone, camera or flashlight during the haunt you will be ejected immediately with NO refund.

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During the haunt, you will experience bright/strobe lights, intense audio, fog, low/no visibility, sudden actions and moisture.  For your safety, if you have medical conditions such as asthma, heart-related conditions, claustrophobia, prone to seizures or physical restrictions such as crutches, canes, and casts you will not be granted access into haunt.  Our haunted house is not handicap accessible, do to stairs and sharp corners, but we do have a lawn area with a concession to enjoy. NPFD House of Horrors reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. For example, if the staff feels a person is not mentally or physically capable to enter the haunt safely.  Do not enter if you are pregnant. If you are not able to make it through the haunt because you are too scared, then we did our job! Stay stationary and inform any staff member you want out and you will be escorted quickly and safely to the nearest emergency exit. If the staff finds you are not compliant with our rules you will be escorted off the premises, with no refund.  All adults and children are to enter at their own risk, no child is to be held during haunt for safety reasons. NPFD House of Horrors is not responsible for lost or stolen items, please leave all valuables it your car or at home. There are no pictures, video, or flashlights of any kind allowed in the haunt, you will be automatically removed with no refund. We do however record the entire haunt, so say cheese!  NPFD House of Horrors may use the footage as internet advertising. You will not be touched during the haunt, if you are it was non-intentional and are not allowed to touch any actor or any prop.

There are no refunds, Enter at your own risk!